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Registration and Logging into the Forum
Why can't I login?
Do I need to register?
Lost Passwords
I Registered in the past but can't login

User Preferences and Forum Settings
How do I change my forum settings?
Forum Times and Dates are not set to my local time
What does my rank indicate?
Can I change my rank?
What web browser can I use for this forum?

Posting Issues
How do I post a message in the forum?
How do I delete posts?
How do I edit posts?
How do I add a signature to my post?
How do I create a poll?
Why can I not view a forum?
My post is not displayed, is 'Hidden', or 'Pending Approval'
Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) posting issues

Message Formatting
What are BBcodes?
Can I use HTML?
What are Emoticons (Smilies)
Can I post images?
What are closed topics?

User Groups
What are Forum Administrators?
What are Forum Moderators?
What are User Groups?

Private Messaging
What is Private Messaging?
I cannot send Private Messages
I cannot send Private Messages to some users
How can I prevent someone from sending me Private Messages

RSS Feeds
What is an RSS Feed?
How Do I Subscribe to the Forums RSS Feeds?

Calendar System
What is the Calendar System?
How do I create a Calendar Event?

Cookie Privacy Notice
What are Cookies?
Information on Cookies set by this Forum

What software is used for this forum?

Registration and Logging into the Forum
Why can't I login?
To login into the Forum you must use the Username and Password that you entered when registering for the Forum. If you have not yet registered then you must first do so in order to login. If you have registered and still are unable to login then first check that you have all cookies enabled on your web browser, you may need to add this web site to your browsers list of trusted web sites. If you are banned from the Forums then this may prevent you form logging in, in which case check with the Forums administrator.
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Do I need to register?
You may not need to register to post in the Forums, it is up to the Forums Administrator as to whether they allow you to post in the Forums as an unregistered user. However, by registering you will be able to use additional features. It only takes a few minutes to register, so it is recommended that you do so.
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Lost Passwords
If you have lost your password then don't panic. Although passwords can not be retrieved they can be reset. To reset your password click on the Login button and at the bottom of the login page you will have a link to the lost password page to request that a new password be emailed to you. If this option is not available or you do not have a valid email address in your profile then you need to contact the Forum Administrator or a Moderator and ask them to change your password for you.
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I Registered in the past but can't login
It could be that you haven't posted anything for a while, or never posted anything. It is common for the Forum Administrator to periodically delete users from the database to free up usernames and reduce the size of the database.
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User Preferences and Forum Settings
How do I change my forum settings?
You can change your forum settings, profile information, registration details, etc. from your Member Control Panel Menu, once you have logged into the Forum. You will be able to control many aspects and access member features from this central menu.
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