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A Brother Asks: The Masonic Marshmallow

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Topic: A Brother Asks: The Masonic Marshmallow
Posted By: coach
Subject: A Brother Asks: The Masonic Marshmallow
Date Posted: August/21/2018 at 9:07am
Pursuing the Work" rel="nofollow">

A Brother Asks: Why aren’t more Brothers pursuing the Work?

Coach: What Work is that?

Brother: The Work that makes good men better.

Coach: Why do you ask?

Brother: I see a lot of men joining, but I see very few improving.

Coach: I’ve observed the same thing, as have quite a few other Brothers.

Brother: What’s going on Coach?

Coach: We are our own worst enemies.


Brother: How so?

Coach: Our system points the way to improvement, but it diverts wannabes with a temptation that few men can't resist.

Brother: Temptation?
Coach: Yes.  And it is in the form of a marshmallow provided by ritual itself.

Brother: Good Lord Coach.  Are you going to go down another rabbit hole with me?

Coach: Yes, but only if you want to.

Brother: Of course I do.  Let’s go!

Coach: Good.  I like your spirit.  Have you ever heard of “" rel="nofollow - Brother: The Marshmallow Test?  What’s that?

Coach: It is a reference to experiments conducted by Stanford University during the late 1960s through the early 1970s on delayed gratification.

Brother: Okay.  Yes.  I remember reading about it a while back.  What does that have to do with Brothers not pursuing the Work.

Coach: That’s an important question my Brother.  Do you recall the Ruffians from the third degree tragedy?

Brother: Yes. I do.

Pursuit Goal

Coach: Do you recall what they wanted from our Grand Master?

Brother: Yes.  They wanted the secrets of the Master Mason, more specifically, “The Master’s Word”.

Coach: Indeed.  And when they requested it from the Grand Master, what was it that he told them?

Brother: He said that they would have to wait until the Temple was completed before they would to receive it.

Coach: Yes.  Were they willing to wait?

Brother: Of course not.  That’s the whole reason for them attacking him.

Coach: Which was?

Brother: They didn’t want to wait to complete the Temple.  They wanted to have what they wanted immediately; before the Temple was completed.

Coach: Yes.  Do you recall what the basis behind the Marshmallow Test was?

Brother: Yes.  It was to test whether someone was able to delay getting something so that they would get it and an additional reward for waiting.

Coach: Yes. And what were the findings?

Brother: Those who delayed gratification were found to be rewarded better in life than those who would not.

Coach: What would you say where the results of the Masonic Marshmallow Test?

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Posted By: edwmax
Date Posted: August/21/2018 at 2:50pm
Great!    ... And very True!   Again Brothers with the Title but lacking the understanding & Masonic knowledge to teach/Coach/lead new Members.    ... The Blind leading The Blind.

Masonic Education is needed in the Lodge, but few Master Masons have done the work & research to develop their Masonic Knowledge the basics of the ritual.

it is in the 2nd part of the MM Degree, where the Candidate is warned that he may Never become a Master Mason and then asked to submit to being hoodwinked again ...........   Thus the failure to expand one's Masonic knowledge & complete The Temple.

"He who would assume to govern others must first learn to govern himself."

Thomasville 369

Posted By: log cabin Bill
Date Posted: August/22/2018 at 6:18am
I really enjoyed reading about your Masonic Marshmallow test coach. Thank you so much for posting this. I read the entire article.

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Posted By: Sec'yBob
Date Posted: August/22/2018 at 6:50pm
I really enjoyed that, thank you very much

Raised 2001
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